Ip address not found with API

My admin Ip address not found with API, my admin IP address changes going thought Cloudflare so my opencart can’t confirm it that it me, Bit new to this

I’d suggest you to temporary enable and use the “Pause Cloudflare for this site” option from the bottom right corner at the Cloudflare dashboard. Give it a few minutes. Reload a webpage and retry the process. Upon success, switch back the option and make sure your DNS records are proxied and :orange: .

My best guess is it’s because the proxied :orange: DNS record has got a different IP address, therefrom the OpenCart isn’t aware of it and cannot verify/confirm this.

You could also try to Restore the Original Visitor IP address, if that’s the “admin IP address” youre referring to :thinking:

Otherwise, you should consider as follows from below?:

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