IP address not found when accessing the domain via a browser

The IP address is showing correctly in the Cloudflare dashboard DNS but is not being returned when accessing the domain. I can see that the domain is showing the correct Cloudflare nameservers though.

The domain was registered with Google Domains, which is now owned and controlled by Squarespace Domains. Is anyone else having issues with Squarespace domains and Cloudflare?

Do you mean you get a different IP address than you entered in the DNS? If the record is proxied, then that will be the case as a Cloudflare IP address will be returned so your website traffic goes through Cloudflare first.

If the problem is different, what is the domain name?

It is not returning any IP addresses at all even though the correct IP address is displayed in the Cloudflare dashboard. The domain name is: deltaunitedautosales. com.

The nameservers are being displayed in whois correctly:

kate.ns. cloudflare. com
terry.ns. cloudflare. com


"Our DNS servers responded with these IP addresses when we queried it for the domain deltaunitedautosales. com. Some DNS servers may return different IP addresses based on your location.

deltaunitedautosales. com does not have any IP addresses."

In DNS management,

deltaunitedautosales. com
104. 45. 211. 137

I have added spaces to the above details as I received a “links are not allowed” error in the reply

Thanks for any help!

What @sjr wrote, though you also need to fix your server SSL setup as you have no valid certificate.

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…and you also have a DNSSEC issue which is what is stopping the domain resolving in places…

Make sure to copy the DS records from Cloudflare…
…to your registrar.

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Thanks - that might be something Square Space Domains requires, which has never been necessary with any other registrar in my experience. But I will give it a try. Thanks for the input!

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