IP address issues for site that was recently re-setup on a different account

Tried to add this site to our cloudfare account. This was setup by previous employee that was linked to his account. Now that we have our own cloudfare now I imported the DNS records and changed NS on google but its saying the site IP needs to be changed. Im a bit confused on how this was previously setup and I need help on getting the site back to live again. Seems to be a lot of redundant records.
Error 1000
Site: brokedick

Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 12.24.34 PM

An error 1000? If you click on that error 1000 you’ll find a #tutorial that addresses why that error 1000 happened and how to fix the error 1000.


The site was

and active in that account, you added it to a new account and the scan picked up the IP addresses that belong to Cloudflare, not the actual IP of the origin server.

If you login to the previous account, look at the DNS A record value (an IP address) and update your A record to use that same origin IP.

Ive lost access to the main account. Trying to find origin IP to no avail.

That makes it difficult

Here are the results from a couple of years ago


Tried most of them and nothing has changed…

Your hosting provider will know the IP, the organization probably pays them a monthly/yearly fee to host the site, they can tell you the IP…and if you use an FTP client to maintain the site, the IP will be known by that tool.

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