IP address is not propagating

i have change name nameservers about one week ago.After that my site is not working and look like as new site but my site is one year old.

My hosting was from godaddy.i replace nameservers of godaddy with Cloudflare.

My IP address is not propagating.My IP address is (say ABC) but in INTODNS it is showing (XYZ)

Also my site is under attack.spammy links are pointing towards my site

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My hosting IP address is add in A record of Cloudflare.But when I see in INTODNS it is [] [].
My site is juicerhunter.com.It is not showing old pages and contnet.it is showing now new page I.e Hellow word.
How to resolve?

By reading what I posted.

And if you get old content, then that’s a completely different issue and you either have it cached in your browser or you experience that issue - Troubleshooting Custom Hostnames / Cloudflare for SaaS when moving provider

And no, the content seems to be exactly what your server presents.

However, you have an insecure site and need to fix your server certificate and change the encryption mode to Full Strict. Until then you have no encryption on your site.

i open my site in new congnito browser and also clear cache but same issue.
Main issue is IP address is not matched.I add IP address ( hosting in A record option of Cloudflare.these are not propagating.
In INTODNS these Ip address are not showing.
Here in intodns these are
" [] [] "

Did you read any of what I wrote?

Also, did you fix your security issue? Have you switched to Full Strict?

Firstly my website has 10-12 pages one week ago but now only one page is showing and that page is new page (not matching to my website)
secondly, I turned to the encryption mode to Full Strict but issue is not resolved

Pause Cloudflare (Overview screen, bottom right) and talk to your host to get your site properly working on HTTPS. Once it loads fine, you can unpause Cloudflare and it will work.

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means i should pause clouflare.
Then contact hosting provider (in my case godaddy)
if so What I communicate to godaddy support person?

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Absolutely. And yes, you need to talk to your host and get your site to work fine on HTTPS. That’s something only your host can fix.

OK i try.Thanks for guidence

I checked my site in stiecheck.sucuri.net.It is showing TLS certificate is expired.Please activate my site.

Did you fix your server?

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in process

Great, then it will work once that is fixed.

Hi i have fixed server error.It is showing SSL error.Now need your kind guidness.

You still haven’t fixed the server issue. There still is no valid certificate. You need to fix that first.

what steps should i follow?
yesterday my site was return in original position but now it is showing same appearance i.e your connection is not private.
should I submit sitemap in webmaster after recovering my site?
secondly should i need to turn ON SSL setting?
which point i am lossing.can you guide?

As I said a week ago

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