IP address is blacklisted?

I’ve used Hostgator to host my Wordpress site and Cloudflare CDN for close to a year now without issue. All of a sudden, in the last week, when users go to my site sometimes all they see this message:

“Access denied. Your IP address is blacklisted. If you feel this is in error please contact your hosting provider’s abuse department.”

That is the only content on the web page. It seems to be intermittent. UptimeRobot reports my site going up and down over and over again every few minutes. It’s actually every few seconds sometimes. I can refresh once and it’s down, refresh again and it’s fine, and again it’s down…etc.

Hostgator support swears it’s not their issue and it must be related to Cloudflare.

I’ve not made any configuration or plugin changes on my site in the last month or so.

I tried purging the Cloudflare cache - no help.
I tried Pausing the Cloudflare for my site - no help.
I tried changing my DNS servers back to Hostgator - and my site works (for now).

I’m stumped. The Cloudflare control panel is not reporting any errors or issues that I can see.

Has anyone run into this before?

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