IP address getting Captcha Challenge

I note that this topic has been previously covered for instance;

Quite simply I have a static IP and as some point in the last day or two it would appear that it’s been listed as suspect / bad as far as Cloudflare as any site that uses this protection is challenging with Captcha. On one hand this is tedious for web browsing, on another I have a number of services (mainly automation) that are inoperable (are in error) given that they communicate via the internet rather than just intranet.

I have checked all the usual databases including Project HoneyPot (whitelisted it just to be sure) and it’s not listed as bad or suspect on any of them.

It would appear to me that I need to get my IP whitelisted with Cloudflare or whichever databases are being used.

I’d be grateful for whatever help or advise can be offered.

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