IP Address for Nameservers

I am trying to change the Nameservers at my registrar. Next to the domain name diva.ns.cloudflare.com / sid.ns.cloudflare.com they are asking for an IP Address :-/ I have no clue what to enter there. Could you please support me with that?


I don’t think you should need to add the IP addresses of the nameservers. Both those nameservers have multiple IPv4 and IPv6 records. Hence why a domain name is used.

Yeah, to be honest I am used to that as well. For example, on GoDaddy you just add the Nameservers and nothing about the IP.

I guess I have to move the domain to another registrar.

Well, the only place where you would need the IP addresses, would be when creating GLUE records, which are only created like that (e.g. with IP addresses), if the name server hostname is a sub-domain of the same domain name you need it to handle DNS traffic for, e.g. if ns1.example.com should be the name server for example.com.

Mind if I ask what registrar it is?

And, did you try to continue, while leaving the fields for IP addresses empty?

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This pops up in the community from time to time. Some registrars and TLDs require the inclusion of an IP along with the server name. You can simply use any address that the nameserver resolves to. There is a Community #tutorial that provides more detail on how to accomplish that if you are interested.


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