IP address for A-chords

My website isn’t loading. I need IP-addresses for the A-chords for www and the domain. How do I find these/make it work? Please help a website-dummy!

The A records are those specified by your webhost. Contact them for the information.

Then enter them here…

I believe Cloudflare is the website host :slight_smile:

Are you using Cloudflare Pages then? If so, instructions here…

Not that I am aware of.

Then Cloudflare is not your web host.

What is the website name? Who were you using before for your website?

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my website is artilmagazine .com

I just know I bought the domain on Namecheap and it’s records are pointed towards Cloudflare.

The site has been on Cloudflare since at least October 2021. Have you somehow corrupted your DNS entries (the site gives an error 1000 at the moment)? Check here for the history of changes in your Cloudflare account…

You need to find who is hosting your website. The last non-Cloudflare IP address belonged to Wix so it may be them.

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It is not Wix anymore, my website is a Wordpress .org -website.


You would need to contact Wordpress for the IP of your host, so you can create the DNS records. So we can properly be pointed at your origin. To serve your content.

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