IP address changing

Hi Im new to Cloudflare, like it a lot, just have a IP address problem I hope someone out there can help with.
I have a website which is PHP driven. Its based on a PHP script and has an Admin panel to control various aspects of the site. Within the Admin panel is an option to turn the site off while working on it with an added option to add an IP address to display the site online only to that IP address.
Since pointing my websites DNS to Cloudflare, the IP address keeps changing in the Admin panel and Im unable to display my site while under construction. Anyone know how I can load an IP address (mine) and keep it without Cloudflare changing the IP address?

That feature won’t work when you site is proxied behind Cloudflare.

You can use Cloudflare Access (for free!) to block others from your site while you work on it. This article isn’t quite up to date, but I think it’s close:

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