IP Address Blocklisted

I head a university IT department and in recent times our public IP has been block listed causing a lot of issues for my team. I have removed it from some blocklisted sites but the issues reoccurs once a while.
The recent one has affected sites that runs through Cloudflare before getting to their destinations.
So I read something about Cloudflare and decided to contact you for help though [Preformatted text]https://www.projecthoneypot.org don’t see anything wrong with this IP but other blocks on this same IP has some issues but I know the owners of though IPs and can contact the ISP to deal with it.
So please Cloudflare share with me the details of what is causing this IP to be blocklisted.

Thank you

Looking around, I see indications that this IP address is (or at least: have been) an open HTTP Proxy.

If HTTP Proxies are mandatory for your network and/or it’s users, the least you could do, would be to secure it, so only your own IP prefixes can use it, and/or so that it has proper authentication mechanisms in place.

Many websites will likely frown upon you for things like that, just like many do for e.g. the use of VPN services, and such things are decisions made by the website owner, and therefore nothing Cloudflare can assist you with.

In addition to that, it also seems like there are some allegations that IP address may have sent spam out in the last half of May 2023, which is another thing pointing in the direction that you may have more work to do, in order to (properly) secure your network.