IP Address Blocked by all Cloudflare sites

All devices on my home network are getting access denied suddenly from specific websites that all seem to be Cloudflare sites. So far both instacart.com and axs.com have given me errors.

Any ideas on how to get this resolved?

Are you getting a 1020 error? You could check your IP address to see if it’s on any blocklists. You could also run privacy pass to see if that side steps the blocks, https://privacypass.github.io/

I’m getting a 1020 error, thanks for the link. Not sure how to get instacart to help since their site error page literally says use Cloudflare privacy and security.

yes, understood, that error message could be tuned a lot. It’s an error that appears based on rules the site owner has set in cf, but cf cannot alter those rules. Incognito mode may help if you give that a try.

You’ll need to contact the owner/support for those site that blocked you. When contacting them provide a screenshot of the error (should have a rayid visible and the time), or the new 1020 has a dropdown tab that will show all the necessary information for the owner to find the block and consider altering their security.

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Thanks I tried that with one site and all they kept telling me is that it showed I was behind a VPN which isn’t the case. I guess I’ll just have to stop using that site.

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