IP address being challenged - how to find out why

My IP address has been hitting the challenge site since a few days ago on all websites protected by Cloudflare. How can I find out why Cloudflare thinks I’m suspicious and what can I do to fix this if I’m not Cloudflare’s customer?

I checked several “IP reputation registers” and can’t find anything. Is Cloudflare using any of them?
A partner company which has affected services shared some of their firewall logs
“action”: “block”,
“botScore”: 12,
“botScoreSrcName”: “Machine Learning”,
“ja3Hash”: “”,
“rayName”: “80679e84237434bc”,
“ruleId”: “l7ddos”,
“rulesetId”: “”,
“source”: “l7ddos”,
“userAgent”: “nginx-ssl early hints”,
“wafMlAttackScore”: 100,
“wafMlSqliAttackScore”: 100,
“wafMlXssAttackScore”: 100,
“wafRceAttackScore”: 100,
“matchIndex”: 0,
“metadata”: [
“key”: “dos-source”,
“value”: “dosd-global”
“sampleInterval”: 215

how can we dig deeper to find out what is tripping the rule, or on which blocklist did we land?

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