IP address being blocked

How to check if the IP address are being block by Cloudflare. After our setup some of our website is no longer accessible.

What can be the possible issue.

Steps taken:

  1. We have a domain registered under dotPH, updated the DS1 and DS2 pointing into cloudflare.
  2. After a couple of days of propagation, 2 of our website (Speedtest, MTRG) doesn’t work.

Is it possible that these has been block my WAF?

Cloudflare usually does not block addresses. Any blocks would be configured by yourself.

Post the domain and a screenshot of the error.

ptt.speedtest.net server is missing in speedtest.net server list after we change name server from existing to cloudflare. Let me know on how cloudflare will detect our subdomain.


I am not sure what you just posted.

That does not seem to be an error and a domain is not mentioned either.

Ok, just to clarify we have registered our ptt.com.ph website under cloudflaire after propagation we see that cloudflare detect our website but unfortunately all sub of *.ptt.com.ph are not working or viewable even we add record under Cloudflare DNS.


The DNS setup seems to be fine.

Which records do not show up? And post a screenshot of your DNS records with IP addresses redacted.

Probably not the reason for your issue, but the .ph domain itself seems to have issues. Their own authoritative server sns-pb.isc.org does not seem to respond. Thats not ideal for a TLD :wink:

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