IP address Associated With A Record In DNS

I recently transferred my DNS information from Hostgator to cloud flare. All looks good. except the “A Record”. It has pulled the IP address from the Hostgator. But I know it should be different as my DNS is now hosted on Cloudflare and I’m using Cloudflare provided name servers which are already updated. I will really appreciate it if somebody can throw the light on what IP address should I use against A records it will be much appreciated.

Cloudflare is a reverse proxy, not web host. Your A records should point to wherever your content is hosted, whihc in this case would still be Hostgator based on what you describe.

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Thanks for the reply. My site is hosted with wpengine.com and not hostgator. WPEngine IP is different. WpEngine doesnt provide DNS management service (email, Cpanel, whm etc.) All those A records are denoting IP for hostgator. I dont know if they make any difference. Sorry Im confused at this point.

If you’re not using GoDaddy for any of those services (looks like you are using gmail for example, so the mail and webmail entires are probably not necessary) then they can be safely deleted.

I know hostgator tech added those A records because they provide all of those services and im using G suite through google and google tech added MX records to associates hostgator local web server email accounts to their server (g suite). Does cloudflare provide those services so that I can overwrite A records with cloudflare’s IP?