Ip address anonymous cloudflare

bad actors trying to hack my site. The ip address listed is a cloudflare ip address. It does list a geographic area. I normally block the ip address for the future, but since they are hiding behind a cloudflare ip address, how can I handle this?

If it’s coming from a Cloudflare website via workers, the incoming requests will have a request header, the headers CF-Connecting-IP and CF-Worker in particular.

If those headers aren’t there, there’s also a somewhat good chance it’s coming from iCloud Private Relay. Feel free to check if the incoming IP address is in GitHub - hroost/icloud-private-relay-iplist: List of iCloud Private Relay egress IP addresses in various formats for easy integration into your network infrastructure

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Does it coming from Cloudflare WARP service?

Can you check it using IP Address Geolocation Lookup Demo | IP2Location?

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