IP address access issue

Hi All,

I am having a problem with a specific ip address accessing our website, it just gives out a 403 Forbidden error, this is not happening with anyone else.


Thank you for asking.

May I ask if you could be more specific? Is it your IP you’re getting 403 or someone else’s IP? :thinking:

Furthermore, what is your final goal, what to do about it? Allow or Block it for further?

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It is a 403 error, from one of my clients ip’s, I am wanting to allow it, but I have already done that through firewall, and it has not helped.

Did you checked for any Firewall events under the Security tab → WAF → Overview? :thinking:
It should provide you the information which service did blocked that particular IP. It could be like Managed Rules, Firewall Rule, Browser Integrity Check, Bot Fight Mode or some other security related options at Cloudflare dashboard.

May I ask if you did tried to troubleshoot if maybe the origin host/server is returning 403 from the origin host/server? :thinking:

It did not appear under the security overview and was unable to find it

I also looked in my webhost Logs, but was unable to find any matching errors, and it works on a different ip, from the similar area

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