IP Access Rules still possible on free plan?

I am learning web development and I’ve spend days on end trying to learn and figure out how to integrate Cloudflare solutions into my self hosted setup. After hours of trial and error I’ve finally managed to create a working setup in which Fail2ban is able to create or delete IP Access Rules via the Cloudflare API.

Whenever a certain pattern is found in my Nginx access logs, Fail2Ban initiates a ban action for the respective IP address, so that requests get blocked on the Cloudflare server and don’t even reach my home router anymore.

I was so happy that I finally got this working. But now I read the following message when I login to my dashboard:

Page Rules are deprecated . You should consider alternative [Rules] options due to their enhanced configurability. Refer to the migration guide for details.

It seems like every time I finally get something working, it gets replaced by some other fancy new tech :woozy_face:

Basically what I would like to know is: Will the way that I’ve setup managing IP access rules via the Cloudflare API still work with the free plan? And if so, how much of a hassle is going to be to make necessary adjustments?


IP Access Rules are unchanged and nothing to do with Page Rules or their deprecation.


Oh that’s a relieve. Thanks for pointing me to the docs about page rules :slight_smile:

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