IP Access Rules problem

When I add a country and try to “block” and click on “add” it won’t add the rule. It will only add with “javascript challenge”. Is this only a paid feature?

It is. But you can do country blocks in a Firewall Rule on free plans.


I believe that is what I was trying to do… I was in firewall: settings. Is this a different location?

Firewall → Firewall Rules



Thank you, I did that, and I also have the site on “I’m under attack” mode, but the bots are still shutting me down.
My reports show a lot of hits from the United States. How can I selectively shut down IP addresses without shutting down legit traffic from the US?

Are you sure the bots aren’t bypassing Cloudflare? You should have your server configured to block anything that doesn’t come from IP Ranges | Cloudflare

Which report is this?

It’s the firewall events page on cloudflare. I’m not sure if they’re getting past cloudflare or not, that’s just what I’m seeing there. I don’t know how to tell if cloudflare is blocking them or not…

If you’re seeing that in Firewall Events, then those are probably JS Challenge which most likely aren’t getting through.

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