IP Access Rules operating rules

I got some spam websites searching internally and stealing articles by bot.

Like this picture.

So I set up the WAF set as follows:

firewall rule 1: (ip.geoip.country in {“AF” “PT” “RO” “RU” “SM” “RS” “SX” “SK” “SI” “ES” “SE” “CH” “TW” “TR” “UA” “AE”} and not cf.client.bot)

Firewall Rule 2: (http.request.uri.path in {"/xmlrpc.php" “/wp-login.php” })

IP Access Rules = 825 IP Block.

Like when I double check the empty and rss are still not decreasing.

I have checked with spam empty and rss constant IP.

I have to do something to prevent it from working.

Please just me thank you.

Why would you expect empty and RSS to go down? Do you know for certain that the requests from the counties and IPs that you blocked are requesting those links?


thanks Cyb3r-Jak3.
I’m not sure.
I got 800 IPs from 800 domain.top accessing my website generating empty search queries.
So I think the empty in the image above is caused by 800 bots from those 800 .top domains.
As for Rss, I discovered 40 websites with my articles.
That’s all I noticed.
Cyb3r-Jak3 can you show me where exactly rss and empty in the image are from?
I also have another webiste like rss and empty only 1 to 4% and html from 70 to 80%.

In the analytics section, you can sort by content type

Check from there what is requesting empty and RSS

I can’t find the analytics section like the picture you took.

Is it because my Cloudflare account is free that there is no content filtering?

Ah yeah, my bad. I didn’t realize it was a paid feature. Your best bet is going to be checking your server logs. One thing to keep in mind that a redirect (HTTP status 301 or 302) are going to show as content empty.

thanks Cyb3r-Jak3.
I will check the server logs again.
As you can tell me.
Have you ever had or seen this error before?

My website has an indexing error due to 800 bots from 800 IPs searching for empty content.

That looks to be someone trying to post random data to your site.

I just looked at the data today.
My website is still working fine.
As per Content Type Breakdown it is 98.21% empty.
What happened.

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