IP access rules not working at all

I have added bunch of ip addresses to block in ip access rule. One of the ip address is my own address but nothing really happens. I am still able to access the website thats proxied through cloudflare. What could be the reason for this? My website is under attach by few ip addresses but i am not able to block them as i am not even to block even my ip address. PFA screenshot

Yes, my account does have these two nameservers

It’s also quite possible that you’re using IPv6 to connect from home, so that IPv4 address block won’t work.


well yes, i was getting connected with ipv6 address putting that address starts blocking correctly. However now my problem has shifted to cloudflare. Actual problem that i was trying to solve was to block traffic trying to put down my origin. So as mentioned by Sandro, the other five addresses in the screenshot are none other that cloudflare which means i need look into cloudflare to see what ip addresses tried to access our website portions that were largely uncached and automated. Where could i find this info in cloudflare?

It sounds like your server isn’t configured to restore proxied visitor IP addresses:

Or install Logflare and use those logs. I believe it’s available in the Cloudflare app section.

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Thanks @sdayman, it worked

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