IP Access Rules Not Working (Allowing a request)

I am using Invision Community forums and trying to setup the API function within the admin panel. However, I noticed Cloudflare blocks the request from my backend IP.

This is the request:

I have added my backend IP to my IP Access rules but the request is still being blocked ( I have even tried to add Switzerland(location of my backend) and still no luck.

I have also added a page rule to the directory of API and still no luck.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Well, based on your screenshot, you have added that particular IP address to https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/security/waf/tools. You need to delete that block.

That’s the thing, I have not. That’s why I am confused why this is occuring.

I have even tried adding Switzerland(location of my backend) and fully allow and still no luck.

These are the only rules on that page?

Can you post a full page screenshot of that page?

Yes the rest are just 3 blocked IPs that are not my backend IP.

The image I linked above the covered IPs are the same IPs being blocked in the request. Any other place i should be looking at?

The screenshot you posted is quite clear on why it got blocked.

I’d specifically whitelist that address and should that not work, then I’d delete all rules. Try if it works and then set them up from scratch.

And all the screenshots you posted are from the same Cloudflare account, right?

Yep all from the same account.

I will be deleting the rules now and testing.

All right, in that case, yes, I’d clear the entire list and start from scratch. The event clearly says IP access rules blocked the request and if you can guarantee that there is no such rule, it may be some setting is still in place.

Also, changes may take a couple of minutes. So wait a bit before you check.

Deleting every single IP has actually fixed the issue. Even thought I have thoroughly checked the IP mentioned ALLOW.

Eitherway, thanks for your help.

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