IP Access Rules Not Saving

I am trying to add a new IP Access Rule to Challenge a country. I set the country to Turkey, set it to challenge, and then set it to All Websites in Account. When I click on “Add”, I get the spinning cirlce for a half a second and nothing happens. I have refreshed and searched the IP rules and it is not added.

I’ve tried this in both Firefox and Chrome to rule out a browser issue. In Firefox I disabled “Enhanced Tracker Protection” for cloudflare.

This has worked fine in the past and I have several country rules already set up that are showing in the list.

Is this a Cloudflare issue or is there something else I can try from my side?

I just tried a Challenge for Turkey in all websites and it saved easily. Are you still having this problem?

It’s still doing the same thing. I made a screen recording. https://www.loom.com/share/aa480b28d3e4416cb6ddc5addcf3799a

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