IP Access Rules - Not Blocking Banned IP Addresses

I am testing the IP access rules (firewall β†’ ip access rules) but none of the IP addresses I add are blocked. The correct IP addresses are being logged on my host, I even tried blocking my own IP but nothing happens.

Using nslookup with my domain shows the correct nameservers (gene.ns.cloudflare.com and terin.ns.cloudflare.com), am I missing something??

Did you contact the support? If yes, can you provide us the ticket number here?

I have not, figured I would start here.

Did you enable proxy :orange: for the subdomain? Without proxy, traffic goes straight to your origin server and will bypass Cloudflare security checks.

I should have guessed, no I was not using proxy but that makes sense.

So my domain has A name entries for @ and www with a cname entry for *.mydomain.net pointing at the base ip. With proxy enabled on cloudflare the @ and www domains are properly blocked but subdomains (test.mydomain.net) are not. Is there a solution for this?

And thanks for the quick answers it’s really appreciated!!

You can just enable proxy :orange: for any other subdomains that you want the traffic to be routed to Cloudflare.

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