IP Access Rules interface improvement

A quick and easy request that will save a few seconds each day for an active user of IP Access Rules like myself. The third box defaults to “This website” and I always have to change it to “All websites on the account” as the most common purpose of my rules is to block malicious attacks from certain ips. It would be very helpful to default this box to “all websites” or to the last used option.

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I suspect IP Access Rules will end up as part of Firewall Rules, at which point I hope Firewall Rules will have an “All Websites” option.

However, for now, I think the “This Website” is the safer option, as the IP Access Rules is part of a specific website’s settings, and someone who thinks they’re blocking for just that domain may end up blocking for all their domains unintentionally.


Safer — maybe, but this would’ve been covered by leaving it with the last used option (the dropdown box resets every time new ip address is added). It’s much more intuitive to assume that everything stays where one left it, so less risk of unintentional actions.

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As for “clicking” for around 70 times to block specific IP, I wonder is there a way to enter multiple IP addresses from once for the same action and same website(s)?

To separate them by comma or something, maybe it is possible via API?

Okay, sorry, my bad. We can use Lists for the Cloudflare account and … done :slight_smile: