IP Access Rules error

I tried to add these IPs from PayPal, but I get this error for each:
Only an IPv4 range (CIDR) value of /16 or /24 is allowed for IP Access Rules


If you need to block or bypass these:

Then rather create a Firewall Rule and using the operator value to “is in”.

I just saw that posted in another thread with no explanation. Us newbies need all the help we can get…

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BTW, I would like to allow those IPs, not block them.

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Same issue for me.

How and where do you change the operator value to “is in”?

This IP:

Gives this error…
Only an IPv4 range (CIDR) value of /16 or /24 is allowed for IP Access Rules

Different person, same problem. I cannot figure out how to do what you suggested.

I see “Field” “Operator” and “Value”

I do not know what to put for “Field” or “Value”.

So someone is moving my posts and not answering them. Hurray for you.

Below operator is the value

I’m not likely someone from the cloudflare staff

@ab7fh1 would look like this one

  1. Copy this:
    (ip.src in {})

  2. And click on blue link “Edit expression” and paste it into the textarea field.

  3. Give that one rule a name in the text field “Rule name”.

  4. Select action “Bypass” → “Security Level”.

  5. Click on save.

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Thank you. Got it.


I am happy to assist you :slight_smile:

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