IP Access Rules dont work

I want ips to be automatically blocked by fail2ban,
The blocked ips are also stored correctly in the IP Access Rules, but CLoudflare does not block these ips!
Why?! (I have the free plan)

IP Access Rules most definitely do work.

Yours doesn’t because it’s either a Cloudflare IP address because your server doesn’t restore Visitor IP addresses, or that IP address is connecting directly to your server.

Connections to the server are accepted only by Cloudflare, and the client ip is restored. (the banned IP is the real one).

I just blocked the IP manually to test, that works, but automatically blocked IPs are not blocked?!

Now I have blocked the IP again by F2b and it works?! WTF :upside_down_face:

Oh, I think it was the caching, I was using the private browser, but I was always in the same tab. :sweat_smile:

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