IP access Rules and Pentests

We are getting a pentest, company has received a Cloudflare blocked error for one of their testing systems
We have added the relevant 4 IP addresses firewall rules
Trying to add 4 Ip addresses to WAF>tools IPAccess rules.
Have already added them to Firewall rules, but something still blocking
when setting the Firewall rules it says
“Cannot bypass Super Bot Fight Mode or IP Access Rules.”
So trying to enter IP access Rule for same IP addresses

The instruction Docs the relevant box indicates that I should be able to enter enter IP, IP range, country name, or ASN.
But the box is just a drop down Box with only countries as Option
How do I add the IP addresses without addin the entire country?

You can just type the ranges, i.e., no need to worry about the drop down.

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Hi @Cyb3r-Jak3 I tried typing them in did not save the value when pressing Add button and flagged an error
Screenshot 2022-11-18 130225

What is the entry you put in?

Hi @Cyb3r-Jak3 Cyb3R Support just reached out, apparently I needed to press enter key after entering the IP address. I assumed I just needed to enter the IP change any of the other fields and press the add Button.
I really appreciate your help thanks for taking the time to reply


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