IP blacklisted - please whitelist

We get semi-random IP addresses assigned from my ISP. With semi I mean you usually get the same one assigned

for about 6 months before you end up getting a new from the DHCP pool.

Right now I have had this IP address:

for a while, and back on the 5th of september I was getting CloudFlare catchpa’s out of nowhere.

In my browser this isn’t too big of an issue, but in a lot of apps that don’t have support for catchpa’s

it is – basically they stop working when the target sites/apps are protected by you.

Now this issue started again today.

Can you whitelist my IP

Or better yet maybe this entire range from my ISP: -

I am not sure why I or the entire range gets blacklisted – could be that 1 person in the range is doing some stuff, but that’s not

something to do with me.


Community members can’t whitelist an IP address, and we already know Cloudflare Support won’t accommodate whitelist requests for security reasons. Here are their suggestions:

There is this as a workaround:

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