iOS Warp+ unusable with Youtube/Youtube music

I’ve been a happy Warp+ subscriber for one year now. Since August 9th, the iOS client has been unusable for me because of constant Youtube and Youtube music buffering. In the stats for nerds there is plenty of bandwidth to play the videos but the readahead buffer always crashes. If I switch to mode it’s fine, back to Warp+ and the readahead crashes again. This happens on my Verizon LTE connection, and home and work Comcast connections. Anyone else having this issue on iOS? I’ve submitted bug reports through the app and and received responses but not for a couple weeks now and it seems support has dried up. No ack that this is a well known issue being worked on either. It makes Warp+ unusable for me. @kkrum @dane @cassandra1 just wondering if this is an edge case that can be debugged or a well known issue that’s being worked on? Anyone else been experiencing this? That’s all I really need to know. Thanks!

I haven’t observed the same here. But this could easily be regional, a case where the bandwidth between the nearest Cloudflare POP and YouTube is overwhelmed.

Unfortunately I don’t really have any suggestions other than to hope that Cloudflare can identify an issue. Even if you aren’t receiving a response from support, that doesn’t mean the feedback isn’t with the correct team.

I too have thought that it could be a bandwidth issue with the pop but the connection speed in stats for nerds is always showing plenty of bandwidth, it’s the readahead that always crashes :man_shrugging:

As to location I’m located in Nashville TN and I’m usually connected to the BNA pop at home and the ATL pop on mobile.

As you can see in the screenshots plenty of bandwidth to play the video but the readahead will crash to zero.

I have the same issue with the PoP GVA, works fine with ZRH though.

Good to know I’m not the only one with this issue. Hopefully it’ll get fixed. Although the response (or lack there of) isn’t encouraging. Trying mullvad for now instead.

We made a config change on our in a few days ago. Are you still seeing this issue?

It seems to work for me, it doesn’t prevent me from using YouTube Premium and seems to work with other streaming apps (e.g. Sky Go) which previously quit seeing a VPN.

Yeah. It may even be worse now on my Comcast connection in Nashville. Doesn’t seem to happen much on my Verizon LTE though.

So I just switched to the iOS 14 beta for another reason but figured I would see if Warp+ was still struggling with the Youtube app and lo and behold there was no readahead issue anymore. So maybe there was a bug there related to iOS 13. The Warp Windows client still struggles with Youtube and Chromium based browsers in general though.

That could explain why I don’t see it, it got an early invite to the iOS 14 beta and have been running it at least since developers could get their hands on it.

I haven’t noticed anything on Windows either; but I don’t actually YouTube from a computer much.

Yep. I’m glad that fixed it. I’m rooting for the Windows client for sure. I’ve been using some Mullvad WireGuard configs in the meantime and they are surprisingly fast, but they don’t provide any DNS filtering which is huge for me and why I am rooting for Warp to improve.

I’m testing from Windows. reports 402/29.7 Mbps, and 50.2/25.9 Mbps with Warp+ enabled.

I fired up YouTube in 2160p, got a 25s buffer and reporting about 59500Kbps. The buffer is fairly constant. If I switch to 1440p the buffer drifts upward and settles around 45s.

If I drop Warp+ In 2160p YouTube jumps to 129000Kbps or so, the buffer still sits around 25s.

This seems fairly reasonable. Faster would be nice given that the connection is clearly able to pull from Cloudflare faster without Warp+, but some overhead and/or speed limits isn’t unexpected.

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What browser are you using? I’m getting nowhere near that on my 200mbit Comcast circuit in Nashville.

402Mbps to 50Mbps seems a bit much. Can you try disabling IPv6 if you have it enabled and see if you still see the issue?

My provider doesn’t offer IPv6. Sadly.

Just to clarify, you are referring to my local IPv6 connectivity? Or IPv6 within the tunnel? Because although my local provider doesn’t offer IPv6, I do seem to gain fairly solid IPv6 with Warp enabled. I just want to clarify that I didn’t misunderstand.