iOS Warp fails on many public WIFI (home networks - INDIA)

Location : India
I am planning to move to Warp + Cloudflare Tunnel to replace my existing VPN for RDP

Followed the docs for installing tunnel / clouflared —> this is good and no issues

Installed Warp client on iOS 13 and MacBook (macOS Monterey)

  1. When I connect to Vodafone network → everything works as expected
  2. When I connect my phone / MacBook to Wifi networks, connection to tunnels wont work
    Here is the list of IPS’s I tried with and never works
    a) MTNL & BSNL
    b) You Broadband (powered by Vodafone)
    c) JIO Fibre
    d) 1and1
    e) Hathway

Am I missing anything?

I did explore on this topic on google and many posts on StackOverflow and Reddit suggest that Cloudflare is not yet prime time ready for India (wont work with most of the ISP’s and Telcos)