iOS WARP Connecting to Wrong Managed Network

My Cloudflare setup was working perfectly and for reasons yet unknown, my iOS devices started connecting to my Managed Network with a TLS Endpoint (SanderNet) when off-site! I’ve tested two iOS devices over off-site Wi-Fi and cellular and they connect to SanderNet even though the TLS Endpoint is no longer reachable.

The MacOS WARP client functions correctly and connects to the Default profile when connected to off-site Wi-Fi and SanderNet when connected locally.

I’m running the latest versions of CloudflareOne on all devices.

WARP logs:

I’ve been an IT guy long enough to understand that there is likely a very logical explanation for the WARP behavior I’m seeing, but I can’t imagine how the WARP client can associate with a TLS endpoint via LTE.

Can someone please confirm that their iOS WARP client is connecting to the Default network, rather than a managed network defined by a TLS endpoint, while connected to LTE or an off-site Wi-Fi network?

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