iOS users can’t access to my website

I recently added Cloudflare CDN to my website. It works really well on all devices except iOS (on some ISP IPs from iran).
I checked multiple things like as device type, IOS version, ISP ,browsers and etc. But the problem is still there.
These users can view the site with vpn correctly.
this is my website Url:

There are a few posts on the topic. Search for “iOS Iran” and you’ll find others are having similar issues with their Iranian ISPs. Hint: This isn’t something you can fix at Cloudflare.

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Can not solve this problem?

I believe the problem is caused by Iran ISP’s blocking/breaking HTTPS, so you may be able to fix it by disabling “always use HTTPS” but then the website will only work over HTTP (no SSL).


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As mentioned topic:
We have reviewed sites that have SSL certificates as There is no problem accessing their site with IOS devices.
This is if our website certificate is and what is the difference? And how can we get this certificate to fix this problem for us too?

The same advice @sdayman gave last year still applies. There simply are known issues with Iran. If you need to fix this you will need to contact the ISPs in question and eventually the government.

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Thanks Sandro for your reply.
We have been tracking through ISPs in Iran and we have not yet reached the conclusion and this may be time consuming and until then our IOS users do not have access to the site.
But sites that have a certificate like do not seem to have this problem. Please explain to us the difference between these certificates and how can we obtain this type of certificate?

Cloudflare uses different certificate types for universal certificates. The one you are describing is likely of the “universal shared” type, which covered not only your domain but third parties’ as well. AFAIK there is no way to “switch” certificate, but you could always contact Cloudflare’s support and state your case.

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If you switch to :grey: your users will go straight to your server, bypassing the proxy. However none of Cloudflare’s features will be available any longer in this case.

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