iOS Mail App Not Working After Switching to Cloudflare


I’m new to Cloudflare and have tried searching the forums for this issue but couldn’t seem to find an answer that worked.

I recently added my domain (hosted with Namecheap) to Cloudflare. The website is working great, but I cannot send or receive emails on any of my iOS devices.

The MX record for “” is not set to proxy through Cloudflare, and neither is the A record for “mail”. I noticed there are also A records for iMap, POP3 and SMTP which are proxied through Cloudflare by default. Should these also be set to not proxied? I have tried changing them but it made no difference.

Interestingly, MacOS Mail is still sending and receiving fine, but iOS Mail reports an account error. My mail accounts are set up using profile config files downloaded from cPanel. I have tried uninstalling the profile from my iPhone and re-installing it, but after entering my mail password (which is definitely correct) I get the message “The iMap server for is not responding”. I downloaded the profile from cPanel today before trying to reinstall it, so if any updates needed to be made in the profile they should be there in theory.

Can anyone help with this?

P.S. I’m visually impaired and therefore screenshots are impossible for me to read, so if people could keep to written descriptions of what settings I should look at/change that would be really appreciated. This is also why there are no screenshots of my setup in this post.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone is able to provide.

Right, anything that makes mail connections should be set to :grey: DNS Only.

That is a solid indication that the mail client is configured to connect to the wrong hostname. It’s best to not use that cPanel profile and just manually set up iOS mail to use the ‘mail’ hostname.

Thanks, so iMap, Mail, POP3 and SMTP should all be set to DNS only?

Ok so here are the settings that I’m trying when setting the account up manually on my iPhone:

I then get a message saying that the account couldn’t be set up using SSL and would I like to try configuring it without SSL.

At the moment the two records that are not set to proxy through Cloudflare are the MX record for and the A record for mail.

As I said above, there are records for iMap, POP3 and SMTP, but these don’t seem to be mentioned in any of the mail setup/troubleshooting tutorials or on other forums posted here so I’ve left these alone for now (still proxied through Cloudflare). What really confuses me about this is that nothing has changed with the config on my Mac and that is still sending and receiving absolutely fine, just my iPhone and all other iOS devices really not liking the changes. The Mac was set up using the config profile from cPanel mentioned above.

Anyone any idea what I’m doing wrong?


That’s consistent with the mxtoolbox test:

Apologies, my mistake! I just contacted my hosting provider and because my domain isn’t pointing to their DNS directly, the host name for mail connections had to change to being their server name instead of mail.domain.

Thanks for your help anyway :slight_smile:

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