Ios issue after cloudflare setup

Hello every one
recently I set up my cloud flare account and now my website is served over Cloudflare
my server is located in Iran and 90% of my visitors are from Iran too and using Iran’s ISP and mobile data for connecting to internet
:red_circle: issue is that my website is totally unreachable through ios devices and the weird part of that is when I turn my VPN (my IP changes to united states) on it can access website again and every thing is normal

its important to say I created a certificate on Cloudflare and installed it on my Cpanel hosting and now i’m using FULL(Strict) for ssl plan
and in firewall setting I’ve just allowed Iran for reaching website but still can’t find what causes that issue

I would be so much happy if anyone can help me with this issue
PS: my website address is

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I’ve heard many reports of HTTPS sites not being reachable from Iran. Have you/they tried reaching it by HTTP if your site still supports HTTP?

unfortunately my website doesnt support http any more
do you think that its related somehow to https?

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