iOS client issues

Hello everyone,

I am having some issues with my iOS installation of WARP. I have ZeroTrust configured and have made a policy on an application that requires the client to be connected to the network (Gateway requirement) to visualize an HTTP page.

It works from my PC, but not from iOS. The Split Tunnels setting is set to only allow through WARP the traffic to domains/IPs that are inserted in the list, so it’s an include and not exclude as it’s by default.

I’m guessing there’s some issue on iOS in getting the DNS to resolve from within the WARP VPN profile or something like that? Is this a known issue? The strange thing is that if I go through cdn-gri/trace it shows that both “gateway” and “warp” are “off”, even with it enabled.

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I’m in a similar situation as you. I have an application that has two policies, the first one is a bypass policy and has a “require gateway” rule. The second one is a standard allow policy for users to authenticate.

Like you I have set split tunnels to “include”, and only have the domains I’d like to route through WARP on the list.

The idea being that any device enrolled in Zero Trust will have access as long as the tunnel is active, and if it isn’t ask the user to authenticate.

But I couldn’t get the gateway rule to match either. Turns out though, that by swapping the split tunnels setting back to “exclude” instead, it started matching. So it seems like the split tunneling causes the issue for me.

I’ve been testing on Android, but seems likely to be the same issue on iOS as well