iOS client battery drain due to high cpu

The iOS build has not seen a release in 8 months. There is really huge battery drain, phone heating when warp is enabled, confirmed also via sysdiagnose that shows high cpu usage of Plugins/

Is there any Testflight available to send you more debug logs to help diagnose the cause? Is the app maintained?

and by “high” cpu I mean 70% when phone is in low power mode and nobody talks to internet…

to compare, opening an openvpn client connection under the same conditions (low power mode) results in effectively zero percent openvpn cpu use when no apps generate ip traffic. opening a background traffic app such an internet radio app generates between 0.1% and 0.5% cpu usage of openvpn app.

oh interesting. the issue happens in the legacy app, but actually the mainstream app is Cloudflare One, that does NOT exhibit the bug (CloudflareAgent.worker uses only 0.1% cpu). Maybe you should update the app to advertise the existence of Cf One?