iOS App (Bitwarden) unable to Sync when Access policy set on Argo Tunnel

I’ve setup Argo tunnel and it’s operating correctly (ie: I get the Cloudflare auth page with one time code. Upon entering I’m able to access internal service); however, the problem is the iOS native client (bitwarden app) provides a “sync” feature from within the app that fails since it’s not able to authenticate with one-time code.

How can I configure the iOS app on the iPhone such that either I don’t need to authenticate due to a known device or with some type of authentication token?


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Are you able to set an access policy that will white list the endpoints of native client?

That’s quite general I know, but you could also check if WARP can get into the game with Build an enrollment policy ?

However, this is quite interesting case, would you mind creating a ticket for this, and also submit your logs ( within WARP and while you get those errors).

make sure to add the ticket number here!

Thanks for your response.

I’ll submit a ticket tomorrow. Thanks