iOS 16, AVIF and image resizing bug?

With iOS 16 apple is now supporting AVIF images on iphone. I am using CF resizing which converts images to AVIF, webp, etc…I use wordpress and the plugin. After installing iOS 16 all of images that are being converted to AVIF are now broken and i had to turn the feature off to fix it.

Do you guys think this would be

A. Plugin issue?
B. Cloudflare issue?
C. Apple issue?

would like to get this fixed asap as my images are now mostly jpeg…


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This is an issue with Apple’s decoder affecting IOS 16 and Mac OS Ventura Beta.

There was a fix recently deployed. If you are still experiencing issues please purge your cache.


Hi Sean,

I had the same issue filed here on sep 17 on support ticket /hc/en-us/requests/2558321
and I can reproduce the same behavior on iOS 15.5 too.

In the meantime, I’d been forced to use f=png for all our images.
Does the workaround already live? I’d like to know if it’s safe to add f=auto back.

Hello. It seems that using the format=auto with the combination of fit: 'scale-down' results in picture backgrounds to be rendered in grey instead of the original white. This most likely is an decoder problem, but the fix mentioned here does not mitigate the issue.

on my own iPhone (13 pro with 16.0) on our site, I still got some broken avif files from image-resizing services

yes im seeing background color rendering issues on iOS 16 as well between safari and chrome with this active…never had an issue before 16.

Yes, the workaround was implemented. You will need to purge cache to observe the change.

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Thanks for reporting this, I will look into this further.

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