IOS 12.5.7 Safari Can't Pass Human Verification

My Ipad with IOS IOS 12.5.7 can’t pass the Cloudflare human Verification when I try to access sites with it. The human verification keeps looping verifying but never letting me in the site. This happens whether Im in Incognito or not. But my iPhone/PC on the same wifi works fine.
Any way I can solve this?


I have a similar problem. My iPhone6 (IOS 12.4.5) and iPhone X (IOS 12.0.1) Safari Can’t Pass Human Verification. The human verification has been loading and does not provide a verification button.


Please resolve this issue as soon as possible!!!

I have the same issue. iPad Air with IOS 12.5.7 is stuck verifying, before there was a box you tapped to verify but now the verification just loads forever.

RayID: 7f5cfla508b4ce34

So far, the problem has not been resolved. This bug prevents my iPhone from accessing many websites.
Please fix it as soon as possible!

The fix to the problem is simple:

Update your iPhone.

As someone who has (and cherishes) both an old iPhone and an old iPad, I can feel your pain.

However, chances that Cloudflare will adjust its security features to let in a tiny fraction of visitors running old and possibly unsafe operating systems are close to zero.

98% of iPhones run iOS 15 or newer. Source: App Store - Support - Apple Developer

Not everyone is able or willing to just “upgrade your iPhone”.

My mother is facing the same issue with accessing websites on her iPad Mini 2 (which cant upgrade above iOS 12.5.7), and while yes, she could purchase a new iPad, her current one achieved everything she wanted to do with it (watch shows, browse the internet and play a few games) prior this issue occurring. Spending £500+ for the new iPad mini just to access Cloudflare protected websites seems a little extreme.

It would be nice if Cloudflare could just acknowledge the issue and give a response even if that is just as cbrandt said and its just “We have dropped support due to security reasons”. At least at that point we don’t have to keep checking if the issue has been resolved and she can purchase a new device without worrying about the money being wasted if the issue is resolved later down the line.

The documentation does state:

If your visitors are using an up-to-date version of a major browser — such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Safari on mobile — they will receive the challenge correctly.

I agree it’s unfortunate that older devices can’t pass challenges, but I would not expect this to be something that’s fixed.

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