iOS 10.3.3 setup

Can someone explain how to setup on an older version of iOS in particular 10.3.3?

The instructions should be the same as iOS 11. What problems are you encountering?

Adding on to this, there is no DNS setup in previous iOS versions. All settings are shown as such Here
I would also like help setting up Cloudflare

In previous versions of iOS you would need a static IP to set everything up. Usually you can use the same IP that is provided by DHCP (the automatic one), but it’s not always the case because that IP can be reassigned to others users causing issues.

So, what would be required to be entered in each field a shown above? Or is it just not possible.

You need to enter the network details. Seeing that you don’t look completely confident with this I would highly advise you not to change things.

If you really want you need to enter the same things that appear when you select DHCP at the top and reopen the page, substituting only the DNS row with,