IONOS told us to ask Cloudflare regarding errors 527 and 520 from users in Istanbul and Hong Kong

Hi all,

Our website, [fitforbanking](, is hosted on IONOS and comes with a Cloudflare package. We recently have users from Istanbul and Hong Kong who have errors 527 and 520 related to Cloudflare. We asked IONOS what is causing the issue and they told us that Cloudflare is blocking these users’ IPs.

IONOS told us to contact Cloudflare support but we do not have a direct Cloudflare account as the service comes packaged with our IONOS hosting.

May I know where we can get support for these issues and how we can resolve it?

Thank you!


I wanted to add the initial reply from IONOS:

I can’t explain the error 527 to the railgun. In your free CDN package from your contract, you do not have the Railgun function and it is not used.

The other error pattern looks like the IP address may be rejected by Cloudflare again and again.

If your customers from Hong Kong and Istanbul want to access the site at the same time, is it not possible for others to access it from other locations?

I can’t find any error messages in the logs directly on the server, as these have already been rejected by Cloudflare.

From their response, it’s impossible for us to figure out the problem and the solutions. What can we do?

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