I’m new to setting up a CDN and have no deeper experience with this topic on the technical side.

Nameservers from Cloudflare have been entered on the hoster side

I’m not completely sure about how correct my DNS records are and I assume that this is the problem. Since IONOS tells me that my native DNS settings are inactive I do not know if I can just take them from the hoster and use them for Cloudflare.

So far I’m still receiving this error that the domain does not exist. Does anybody have an idea about what needs to be changed to get it running again?

Unfortunately, I can’t upload more images as a new user.

Thanks in advance.

Your setup looks all right and it currently shows

We’re getting ready.

If you still get an NXDOMAIN error that will be most likely propagation related and you best wait until your local nameserver updated or alternatively force it to update (e.g. router reboot).

Thanks Sandro! Guess I’m just not patient enough. I’ve read that it takes around 5 minutes for Cloudflare to propagate changes but seems that it just took around 30 minutes on my side.

Another success for the noob in me :slight_smile:

Five minutes are just a rough guideline and refers to the default expiration time for proxied records. It also depends on your local nameserver.

You can also run this command to check if you resolve the right values already


If you preferred I’d remove your domain name from my posting, just let me know :slight_smile:

No worries, I just removed the settings because I’m not sure what people are capable of doing with the information :slight_smile: Thank you for the command Sandro!

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