.IO domains 25% price increase

I’ve noticed.IO domain registration / renewal prices using Cloudflare Registrar have jumped from $36 to $45 (USD).

Is this correct or a glitch in the system?

I can’t find any announcements about this increase coming into effect (and from what I can see no other well known registrar has increased their .IO prices).

It’s possible that the registry that controls .IO domains has increased their prices, which registrars like Cloudflare then pass on to customers. While Cloudflare aims to offer domains at wholesale prices, increases in the wholesale price from the registry can lead to price changes. If you find a better price with another registrar, you may consider transferring your domain, keep in mind that pricing strategies can vary between registrars, first year inexpensive, second & subsequent years a lot more. Cloudflare Registrar is always at cost.

Thanks for your quick reply, but it doesn’t really answer the question.

Can someone from Cloudflare please confirm that Cloudflare’s .IO wholesale price has increased by 25% and that this is the reason for the $36 → $45 retail .IO price increase, or whether there is something else going on? (e.g. a bug in the pricing system, or whether Cloudflare is now collecting profits on domain registrations / renewals)

FYI other registrars like Sav.com have had no changes to their .IO prices (and therefore are now much cheaper than Cloudflare Registrar).

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The Cloudflare Registrar team can assist, can you create a Registrar ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open a Registrar ticket here, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support. I’ll it for them to to see if they can double-check.

Let me know the ticket number and I’ll have the team confirm.

No, domains are always at cost.

If it’s not disruptive and there are no second year gotyas, it may make sense to switch, you can always go back to no markup domains if/when you want.

Just a quick note on .io TLD that I am familiar with.

IO (Registry: Internet Computer Bureau Ltd) works with registrars by rappel or abseil pricing.
When Cloudflare started registering .io domains, no discount was given; later, with registration volume, these values varied.
This approach by the registry is particular to .io, but not common practice in general.

BOMK: Cloudflare policy with domain registry was to never profit with this service, charging the customer what Cloudflare is charged by the registry.

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Sure, not common for gTLDs… but it seems to be a fairly common practice with ccTLDs (at least this is my experience working with ccTLD operators in Africa, where even preferential non-volume-based contracts exist :smiley: ).

So .io, being a ccTLD, this doesn’t surprise me at all.

For what it’s worth, about 2 weeks ago I received an email from NameCheap about .io price increase to $48.98 starting Jan 7th. I don’t have that email any longer, but there’s a public discussion about this here: https://forumpromotion.net/threads/domain-io-price-increase.180748/