.io domain price not wholesale price?

see here:

My namecheap .io domains currently renew at about $35. I was surprised to see $45 when I went to transfer them.

I find it hard to imagine that .io domains are being subsidized at such high percentages… why on earth would namecheap lose out on $10/yr per .io domain if they didnt have to? Not to mention the other ones that renew lower as well.

This has been a big concern. It likely really is the wholesale price. For the other registrars, by giving you a cheaper .io domain you’re more likely to rent other services from the company and use them for future domain renewals where they do end up making a profit. Why do you think almost every domain registrar is also in the business of hosted Wordpress, site builders, email hosting (/GSuite affiliate codes), etc?

Or, I know this sounds crazy, but the operators of .io may have raised the registrar price just for Cloudflare :grimacing: (/s)

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Keeping in mind that .io is a ccTLD, and therefore is not regulated, it is entirely possible that they offer volume discounts or have other variable price policies, and it is equally possible that they don’t disclose such.


I just saw this as well. I’m getting $39.95 at DreamHost and was hoping to transfer over

I believe the wholesaler might offer a volume discount to registrars. Cloudflare just started with .io, therefore, gets no discount. I have several .io domains and will wait near the renewal date to compare with Cloudflare rate at the time.

NameSilo is the most competitive unsubsidised rate. Below that are generally companies that sell extra services.

NameCheap offered last March Annual Move Your Domain Day. For every transfer in they will make $2.48, this heavily subsidised.

That doesnt seem to be quite accurate as Dynadot offers them for about 20% less.

@sandro when quoting you need to put in context, not just fragments. :thinking:

“Namesilo is the most competitive unsubsidised rate. Below that are generally companies that sell extra services.

Extra: Also in a year time renewal will be more expensive.

Sorry, but saying they sell other services and might subsidise domain registration is pure speculation.

And no, the price I quote is the renewal, so it wont be more expensive in a year.

I am reporting my experience with Dynadot and Porkbun, that I stopped using.

Now I use NameSilo and transferring to Cloudflare (except .io because of the price difference).

The renewal on tld-list.com is accurate today, in a year time, it will be different.
This is from a year ago, and OVH had different values for Register, renewal and transfer.

Why if I may ask? That doesnt change the pricing however :slight_smile:

That might be, but that will be for all registrars. Fact is Dynadot is cheaper than Namesilo and that was my point.

Again, I doubt Cloudflare decided to hike the price just for .io. If you can get a better price for .io at another registrar, by all means go for it.

Because of troubles to transfer out. And NameSilo offers a simple and efficient service, with no frills.
NameSilo transfering to Cloudflare usually done in less than 10 minutes.

Well according to the FAQ;
" How does Cloudflare approach registry promotions?
If a registry provides a promotional price for a TLD, Cloudflare will provide customers that price."

That should mean to me, that Cloudflare should be matching the cheapest available price for .io?

Not if the registry doesn’t provide that promotional price to Cloudflare.

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