Invoicing is broken

I raised a ticket about 2 weeks ago no response.

On the 13th April we were charged for our monthly feeds. The invoice shows as unpaid. I raised a ticket


I attached proof of payment. I don’t understand why a company with such great tech can’t sort out their invoicing!

Sorry for the issues, I have flagged your post here for my billing colleagues

Thank you I’m just worried that my services will be cancelled even though I’ve paid for it.

Hey there,

Thank you for sharing the ticket number with us. The billing team is currently looking at your issue, and you should get a reply soon through the ticket.

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Hi there-

I have responded to you on ticket 3225708 and will continue to provide updates there. Please note, we are aware of the issue and we have escalated this to the engineering team.

We will provide you updates on the ticket. Sorry for the inconvenience caused here.


Hi Purnima

Now we’ve got another problem - the next month’s invoice has appeared and the R2 cloud storage charges are through the roof, so I went to look at the data to see what’s going on, guess what - hardly any data available for view. Probably one week.

I’ve raised yet another ticket - but don’t get any response and the other invoice that we have is STILL marked as unpaid even though I have sent you proof of the money cloudflare took.

So the new invoice is also marked unpaid and there is no way for me to pay it as there are no payment buttons.

I’ve raised tickets I’m really worried that our services will be turned off and we’ll go out of business.


|May 13, 2024|Invoice|IN-2270385|$546.14|Unpaid| < this is rediculously expensive for no reason
|Apr 13, 2024|Invoice|IN-1270501|$284.73|Unpaid| < this is paid

Subject Id Created Last activity▼ Status Priority
[Invoice for R2 cloud storage suddenly doubled Invoice number IN-2270385] #3258987 16 hours ago 8 hours ago open Normal
[You took the money on 13th of April for invoice IN-1270501 but it’s marked as unpaid] #3225708 1 month ago 5 days ago open Normal

Tickets. Something is very broken here.