Invoices and Purchase Confirmation Emails are not being sent to my new email address

I changed the email address associated with my CF account over a year ago, however 1) Invoices and 2) Purchase Confirmation emails are still being sent to my old email address.

I can login to my CF account using my new email address, and all other CF emails are being sent correctly to my new email address.

I checked my Account Settings, and my new email address is showing as confirmed and verified.

How can I update email notifications for Invoices and Purchase Confirmations to be sent to my new email address? This is happening for past and new purchases.

I tried opening Support Ticket 2673777, but it was automatically closed with an automated response on how to change your email address, which is not relevant in this situation, since I’ve already changed it.

Hi @openevo,
Please check that you have the receive invoices toggled on at this time:
Screenshot 2023-01-17 at 12.13.27 PM

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