Invoice is listed as Unpaid

Cloudflare is showing past invoices as unpaid, but this has been paid for over a month now.
And the invoice for this month so far has not appeared for us.

I have already tried to open a support ticket for the responsible sector, but so far they have not returned. I’m afraid that my users’ access will be blocked by disabling the service.

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Did you email support or billing for the issue?

If support, then email [email protected] and respond with your ticket number, and we can escalate it.

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Unfortunately they did not resolve the issue and have already marked the ticket as solved.

The other problem is that I have an invoice for this month that they haven’t sent so far and I have to pay it off.

But the operator ignored all the problems I listed.
A very frustrating service.

@Laurie can you help with this question?

Hi @flavio_tom,
As explained in the ticket to support you would need to reach out to our Accounts receivables team, they will reply to you as soon as they can as they are handling many requests daily, please note that sending duplicate tickets is only going to slow down the process.

Hi @Laurie,

I’ve already submitted several tickets and they always mark the ticket as solved in the first response they give me, without waiting for me to confirm that it is indeed solved or not.

Not to mention that there are many hours of waiting for something that I consider critical.

What happens if Cloudflare thinks I haven’t paid something in the past and disables the service? I have multiple users using the service and that’s a risk I can’t take.

Can you understand my concern?

The support team does not even have access to your accounts invoices as they are Enterprise and processed through another system. There is nothing that is going to happen to your account without communication. Please be patient and our accounting team will reply to you, they answer tickets in the order received and currently have a backlog which is why it may take some time.


Hi @Laurie,

Thank you for your reply and explanation of the support process.

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