Invite to manage email link is not working

the email is sent to the correct email, but when i click on the link it says the invitation is not for the email address it was sent to.

invitation email sent to [email protected]
when I click on the link, it says the invite is not for [email protected]

Were you able to resolve this @sean38?

issue remains.

issue has been resolved.
don’t know how, he sent yet another link today and it worked.

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email: You have been invited to join and manage an account on Cloudflare
website: This invitation is not for

Client sent me an invitation to manage their DNS.
the invite is sent to [email protected]
I recevie the email.
I click on the link and the CF website says:
This invitation is not for [email protected]
that’s kinda odd. Haven’t seen this before and my searches didn’t find this exact issue.

  1. I tried clearing cache, using PrivateBrowing, in Edge and Firefox. No change.
  2. he removed the invite on his side and recreated it. No change.

issue resovled.
don’t know how.


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