Invite new member to manage only one domain not complete account

Hi, i am trying to onboard a new member to my company’s account.
We have many domains in that account. Let’s say(using fakes) and

In member section i can see button to invite someone and choose a role from some pre-defined roles.
If i am understanding these roles correctly then if i assign administrator role then he will be able to admin the complete account and all domains within which i don’t want him to have.

More specifically i want him to be able to admin a particular domain( not other domains( etc...) and in that domain( specifically manage caching or add any subdomains.

Is this kind of feature possible?

Sorry, but the only option is account sharing. That’s why it’s best to split off individual zones if they need to be managed separately. Within account sharing, only Enterprise plans can limit features for other admins.

It’s an enterprise account only and multi-user account sharing is enabled.
I am aware of controlling access of other members to certain features.
Just wanted to confirm my theory that if i invite a new member and assign let’s say cache purge role then this new member will be able to control purge caching of all the domains that are within the account.

There is no option available as of now to restrict access control to a particular domain right? or maybe create a new role?

FYI following are the roles available as of now and i guess assigning any of them will give the user access of that feature to complete account hence all the domains within.

Hi @sagarwal,

Yes, this is correct. For now, you can only grant permissions to the whole account and all the domains.

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