Invisible reCaptcha on login page

It’s quite annoying TBH, and since Google has publish the invisible reCaptcha thing, I think CF can take advantage of that.

I like this idea.

Additionally, the current captcha and error box location has accessibility problems. The submit button is above the captcha and errors.

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Thanks! Feel free to like my idea on the left of thread title! :smiley:

Further to the misleading design by Cloudflare, it is also annoying to go through the reCaptcha, as it seems CF have pushed the highest level of security, making it hard to pass the test and impacts on the UX explicitly.

The current one is nearly broken.

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Giving another bump as Ubiquiti is doing a great job on their login page.

Another bump. Really concerned about Accessibility. It’s very silly to have the captcha AFTER the login button.

Maybe this can also be posted in the Design category?